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EFB-Tagungsband Nr. 028

Technologies to Maximise Productivity in Sheet Metal Working


EFB - Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft für Blechverarbeitung e.V.

150 Seiten (zahlreiche farbige Abb. und Tab.)

ISBN: 978-3-86776-302-8

Preis (Print) EUR 15,00

Tagungsband T-028 des EFB-Kolloquiums Blechverarbeitung 2007 am 27. und 29. November in Warsaw, Polen


  • New Trends in Research on Sheet Metal Working. N. Wellmann | TAB-028_01
  • Sheet-Metal Research in Poland – Institutes and Programs.A. Walewska | TAB-028_02
  • Tightness and Mechanical Strength of Lock Bolt and Link Rivet Joints Depending on Different Materials and Surface Coatings. M.-C. Wanner, K.-M. Henkel, N. Fuchs, M. Delin | TAB-028_03
  • Electron Beam and Laser Beam – Tools for the Joining of Metal Material Combinations. U. Reisgen, S. Olschok, K. Woeste, N. Wagner | TAB-028_04
  • Adhesive Bonding as Clamping Technology for Laser Beam Welding. S. Böhm, G. Wisner, N. Wagner | TAB-028_05
  • Patchwork Blanks – an Effective Technology for the Economic Production of Lightweight Parts. R. Neugebauer, R. Mauermann, T. Kühn, S. Menzel, J. Standfuß, A. Jahn | TAB-028_06
  • The Use of Pressing to Produce Sharply Bent Profiles. K. Müller, V. Thoms | TAB-028_07
  • Process Optimisation of Press Hardening. B.-A. Behrens, S. Hübner, C. Schäffner, P. Olle, F. Schäfer | TAB-028_08
  • Ceramic-Steel-Composite Layers for Sheet Metal Forming, L. Hauschild | TAB-028_09
  • Stamping and Forming Machines for New Steel Grades. K. Stahl | TAB-028_10
  • Experimental Investigation of Influencing Factors on the Dynamic Properties of Forming Presses. T. Hofmann | TAB-028_11
  • Sheet Metal Joints at Crash Condition: From Experimental Parameter Determination to FE-Simulation of Vehicle Constructions at Crash Condition. O. Hahn, M. Wißling | TAB-028_12
  • Successful Handling of the Model Diversity with Stamping Simulations. M. Rambke  | TAB-028_13

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