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EFB-Merkblatt Nr. 3445-1e

Flow Drill Screw Driving


Europäische Forschungsgesellschaft Blechverarbeitung e.V. und DVS – Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. - Gemeinschaftsausschuss "Mechanisches Fügen"

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Flow drill screw driving enables the creation of two- and multi-layer joint combinations in thin-walled metal and aluminum materials. During installation of a flow forming screw, an extrusion is created in the installation part, where a female metric thread is formed without cutting.
The created extrusion enables a larger number of thread engagement compared to the original material thickness (as opposed to conventional thread-forming screws). At present, a distinction is made between two basic principles of extrusion and thread-forming screws for installation into sheet metal, profiles and die-cast materials.
These are flow drilling screw driving and cold forming screw driving. The processes combine the technologies “Flow-drilling” and “threadforming” with a one-sited access.
This guideline provides to the user extensive information about the technology involved, the design of the connecting elements, the structural design of the components and the properties of the joint.



1. Purpose and scope of the guideline
2. General
2.1. Process/procedure sequence
2.2. Definition of Terms 2.3. Joining element
3. Design
3.1. Achievable load-bearing capacity
3.2. Component design
3.3. Application limits/areas
4. Production
4.1. Machinery and equipment
4.2. Parameters and process information
4.3. Process monitoring
5. Quality assurance
5.1. Quality features and error patterns
5.2. Non-destructive quality testing
5.3. Destructive quality testing
6. Reworking and repairs
7. Occupational safety and environmental protection
7.1. Occupational safety
7.2. Environmental protection
8. References
8.1. Standards and Guidelines
8.2. Literature

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